webcolors 1.13#

This module provides utility functions for working with the color names and color value formats defined by the HTML and CSS specifications for use in documents on the web.

Support is included for normalizing and converting between the following formats (RGB colorspace only; conversion to/from HSL can be handled by the colorsys module in the Python standard library):

  • Specification-defined color names

  • Six-digit hexadecimal

  • Three-digit hexadecimal

  • Integer rgb() triplet

  • Percentage rgb() triplet

For example:

>>> import webcolors
>>> webcolors.hex_to_name("#daa520")

Implementations are also provided for the HTML5 color parsing and serialization algorithms. For example, parsing the infamous “chucknorris” string into an rgb() triplet:

>>> import webcolors
>>> webcolors.html5_parse_legacy_color("chucknorris")
HTML5SimpleColor(red=192, blue=0, green=0)

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